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Torchwood 4
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More Fic- Lost and Found, Part 2 
12th-Aug-2007 11:43 am
Owen Gwen Noir

Title:  Lost and Found, Part 2
Author: Mustang_bex1126
Characters:  Torchwood, originals.
Rating:  R, swearing, and the story overall is not good for the kiddies.
Summary:  Second half of the 4th part of the "To Err Is Human" Series.  Owen has returned, and the members of Torchwood find themselves deep inside a mysterious plot that runs throughout the entire organization.
Disclaimer:  Everyone and everything belongs to the BBC, hell, they own me too.

A/N:  You know who really owns me?  My fantastic beta,


, who banged this out for me so I could update and post again!  Also- thanks to anyone who reads this, I know it's been a rather long time.

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