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Torchwood 4
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RPG 01 : Jack's Return 
23rd-Dec-2007 12:22 pm
RPG 01: Jack's Return

Rating: Adult (warnings for sexual scenes and explicit nature)

Summary: To celebrate season 2 returning to our screens, a new RPG has been opened. This RP will follow the first season faithfully, but will deviate from the second. This is a parallel version of season 2 of Torchwood.

Notes: Same sex pairing between Jack/Ianto - sexual scenes. I will endevour to keep these notes up-to-date as the RP progresses.

Characters: All characters are being played by me. I have a good idea of how I view this RP progressing, so auditions are closed temporarily. Until I get these damn characters out of my brain. I feel like I'm having multi-personalities taking over, and its very strange. But I'm also enjoying it immensely. If interest in RP picks up, I'll start something else up. Promise!

Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to Russell and the BBC.
19th-Feb-2008 12:38 am (UTC)
I feel safe. Safe and loved.

This is shattering, my whole need for him - it's too much.

Taking each leg gently and reverently, he places both on his shoulders. He's smiling at me, a warm smile, and my heart's breaking with my love for him.

Reaching between us, Jack curls his hand around my length and starts an easy rythmn, which quickly builds until he's pumping hard against me. He wants me to cum hard and fast, and I'm past all decorum, hands flying to my face.

I'm bumping relentlessly against his desk, groaning in pleasure as the end nears, my hands reaching out wildly for something, anything, to grab hold of.

Nothing there but pens and papers being crushed in my grip. I'm held by Jack, and he's my anchor as a powerful surge rips through my whole frame. I shudder, the orgasm overtaking me for a moment, and Jack is holding me firmly. His body soaking up each shudder and whimper and moan.

I look at him, his eyes glazed with need. Watch him as he coats his own cock with my semen. Wet and glistening with my own seed, he stands proudly before me - his cock ready for me. "Are you ready, Ianto?"

Am I ready? I've been waiting months for this moment! I nod, not capable of making any noise more than a whimper.

When he pushes, I feel every nerve on fire again. Relaxing, I allow him inside. It's slow, and deliberate and delicious. Pushing into me until I'm filled, and he's panting above me. Face flushed beautifully.

Leaning over me, Jack starts to pump into me, his cock slapping my prostate purposefully as my cock jumps to attention against his persistant thrusts.

His desk shudders against the force of Jack fucking me, filling me. Time and time again he moves out roughly, only to thrust in fully. Each time I feel him coming closer to his own release, watch his face grimace with the effort, his cock pulses unbearably inside me.

He's close, I can tell. Mischeviously, I tighten my anal muscles around his quivering cock and feel him buck against me and groan as he starts to shake and tremble and come.

His breath is ragged, and he's watching me intently - chest heaving with the last wave of orgasm.

Collapsing on top of me, I feel his shallow breathing against my chest. I close my eyes.

No feeling in the world is better than this union, this act of love. Sticky and relaxed and spent, we stay there for a moment - our breathing the only sounds in the office.

Jack stands up, helping me to my feet. Shedding my shirt and tie in a lazy and contented way, he guides me to the manhole cover he calls home. I climb down into his small room, and get into the bed quickly. It's cold in the hub tonight, and I wait for the soft warmth of Jack spooning behind me.
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