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Torchwood 4
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19th-Jan-2008 02:35 pm - FanFic: Dates and Pet Names
Title: Dates and Pet Names

Author: Hannurdock

Rating: PG-13 (for Slash coupling)

Warnings: Homerotic content (M/M Jack/Ianto)

Spoilers: Upto and including "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang". Ep 1, S2

Author Note: Carrying on with the cuteness from the first episode of series 2, I wondered what the boys would make of their new dating status.

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9th-Jan-2008 12:11 am - Some Dates to Diarise:
16th January 2008 - Torchwood, Series 2 (BBC2) at 9pm.
To see an excerpt of the new series, visit the following linkey, http://www.bbc.co.uk/torchwood/sites/episodes/series2/ep01.shtml
The first episode is called "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang". Jack is going to meet someone really hot from his past. Captain John (played by Buffy's James Marsters) creates havoc in Cardiff. Interesting first story promising a good series to come.

24th January 2008 - John Barrowman's book is due out on general release. You can pre-order the book from all major stockists. I've done mine through Play.com.
He is going to be in Birmingham City Centre at Waterstones, Signing books from 11am. I'll be there, folks! Check for other venues where John will be signing his books here, http://www.johnbarrowman.com/books/anythinggoessignings.html.

4th February 2008 - Audio book version of John Barrowman's book (Anything Goes) is released today. Also, two original stories about Torchwood are being released today! They are £8.99 each. One is called "Everyone Says Hello" and the other one is called "Hidden."

11th February 2008 - John Barrowman will be signing his new book at the National Theatre in London. If anyone wants to travel to this event, let me know. I'd be interested in meeting fellow fans again. Just like Glasgow and Telford ;)
John will be giving a "reflective talk of his career" - wahoo!

14th February 2008, 5.30pm - John Barrowman will be doing a booksigning at Waterstones, West Village, Bluewater, Greenhithe, Kent DA9 9SE (tel 01322 624 831) Be sure to pucker up and give John a big wet one today because *bless* its Valentines Day.

6th March 2008 - Three new Torchwood books are to be released on this date. Find synposis of all three books below, under the linkey. If your interested in what John generally get's up to, then follow the linkey to his online diary, http://www.johnbarrowman.com/calendar/dates.html.

8th April 2008 - John Barrowman is doing a tour around the UK. I'm booked in for this one - but have a nose around on his website for anything closer to home.

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5th-Jan-2008 01:21 pm - Season 2 : Plotlines
Here are a selection of plotlines I think Season 2 should explore! Post your own below.

1. The Absence. Jack will have to explain himself to his teammates, and I don't think they'll be gentle with him.

2. Ianto / Jack! Come on, boys. Get it on!

3. The other Glove. Ianto said quite casually in the last season that gloves come in pairs. Where the heck is the other one?

4. Billis Manger disappeared, but I'd really like him to cause trouble again. He reminds me of that willowy white-haired older guy in Buffy who cuts up Dawn in 'The Gift.'

5. Owen with weevil power. Let's see him communicating with them again, that was so much fun.

6. The Gwen-Rhys-Owen lurve triangle.

7. Jack getting shot in the head. It's becoming a mascot to the series.

8. Toshiko falling in love with something a little less alien. She deserves a break.
23rd-Dec-2007 12:22 pm - RPG 01 : Jack's Return
RPG 01: Jack's Return

Rating: Adult (warnings for sexual scenes and explicit nature)

Summary: To celebrate season 2 returning to our screens, a new RPG has been opened. This RP will follow the first season faithfully, but will deviate from the second. This is a parallel version of season 2 of Torchwood.

Notes: Same sex pairing between Jack/Ianto - sexual scenes. I will endevour to keep these notes up-to-date as the RP progresses.

Characters: All characters are being played by me. I have a good idea of how I view this RP progressing, so auditions are closed temporarily. Until I get these damn characters out of my brain. I feel like I'm having multi-personalities taking over, and its very strange. But I'm also enjoying it immensely. If interest in RP picks up, I'll start something else up. Promise!

Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to Russell and the BBC.
21st-Dec-2007 06:24 pm - Customising Journals
I've done what I can to change the layout of this journal, but if anyone could make it more Torchwoody, then please go ahead. I've changed the colour scheme and style of the journal, but it is open to play with.
19th-Dec-2007 12:07 am - Catch up with the drama so far ....
torchwood, jack harkness
New to Torchwood?

Welcome to the hottest group of alien hunters in Cardiff. Believe me, there are quite a few.

Why Cardiff, you might ask. Cardiff just happens to have a rift in time running right through the heart of it. All sorts of weird stuff ends up here - most of it would be more at home in a science-fiction movie.

The job of Torchwood is to scavenge what comes through the rift, using it to enhance human potential. There is a great war coming, the end of all we know. Trust me. I've been there. Seen it all. Got the T-Shirt. This isn't some End-of-the-World prophecy. This has happened all before, in a different time. A future time. When I was a very different man.

For now, the 21st century is where it's all happening. I have a very successful team, operating under the Torchwood franchise. (Though, to be honest, there wasn't much left of Torchwood to salvage after Canary Wharf) There are four main units - Torchwood 1 was located in London, Canary Wharf. The majority of which was destroyed in the battle. Yes, that one. The one no-one admits ever happened but still you all secretly look out of your windows nightly to ensure no cybermen lurk beneath the shadows of your trees. Torchwood 2 is still operating to full capacity in Glasgow under the control of one of the strangest men I've ever met. Torchwood 3 is our little organisation, compact and  ruthlessly efficient. We operate under the Torchwood banner in Cardiff, but to be honest, we rarely have interaction with the others now. Torchwood 4 is the online compiling operation - members from all Torchwood branches come together to share data and commune with each other via cyberspace. A very specific and select database - known only as the Torchwood Fanboards.

My team consist of five highly specialised professionals. Firstly there is me - team leader. Technical and computer operations are overseen by Toshiko Sato, our computer genius. There is nothing she can't do with a computer. Her skills and efficiency continue to amaze as she proves her worth time and time again.

Doctor Owen Harper does pretty much what the label says. Doctor by trade. Doctor by nature. Ruthless at times, with an undercurrent of instability that can lead to emotional disaster. However, he is also the backbone behind the team. There is nothing that guy wouldn't do to help his friends. He'd even shoot me in the head. It's true. He's done it before.

Gwen Cooper, ex Police Constable, now the heart of our team. Before Gwen, we used to piss everyone off. Now we have someone to mediate and get the best PR for Torchwood. Because of her, we actually have contacts outside of Torchwood, good reliable contacts we can depend on.

Finally there is the enigma known only as Ianto Jones. Impeccable manner, ruthless efficiency and phenominal coffee making abilities. Ianto holds this team together. He's the glue that fits all our pieces together, and without him, we would be useless. Ianto handles all communication between branches and works alongside Gwen.

All of these guys are combat ready.

Now you know the team and perhaps they'll welcome you themselves if you leave messages here for them. That's unless we aren't out fighting alien lifeforms somewhere. Our schedules are hectic, and we never do things to a time limit.

Anyway, down to business. At the end of last week, we were fighting an annoyance called Billis Manger. He could travel through time as easily as people pass through an open door. He forced my team to release Abaddon from his earthly prison, which just happened to be under Torchwood HQ. He almost beat us, but we held on. Thanks to my immortal energy, Abaddon was destroyed. I survived and so did my team.

However, now the stakes are higher than ever before. We have an unstable rift that could let our worst nightmares through.

We have to be vigilant. We have to be strong.
18th-Dec-2007 04:02 pm - New RP
Billis tried to initiate the end of the world by releasing a demon from beneath Torchwood. Jack used his immortal energy to destroy the beast, but now questions remain. Is Jack still immortal or did destroying the beast take the majority of his energy? Will Jack and Ianto form a relationship following their erotic adventures with each other? What has been released into our present day from the rift, which has become unstable and unleashed many threats upon the world?

I am back in the Torchwood swing of things. To celebrate the new season airing on BBC in mid-January, I will be starting a new RPG to mark the new upcoming season. This RP will follow the official first season of Torchwood, but will be straying from the second. (Like the other established RP in TW4 is a parallel of the first season, this will be a parallel of the second season)

Anything goes! This new RP will open here in Livejournal soon and auditions will follow. As usual, I will start the RP by playing Jack Harkness. All other roles will be given on a first come, first served basis.

(As roles have been neglected, I'll be performing the RP solo - until adequate interest is received.)

Jack Harkness
Ianto Jones
Toshiko Sato
Gwen Cooper
Owen Harper

Billis Manger
24th-Aug-2007 08:43 pm(no subject)
Rupert Graves blue
1 week to go on the Voting Booths so time for an update:

Torchwood Pairings Booth:

1. Jack/Ianto with 2353 Votes
2. Jack/Captain Jack with 1536 Votes
3. Jack/Tosh with 1288 Votes
4. Jack/Hand with 1184 Votes
5. Owen/Tosh with 1178 Votes

(All pretty close running for those last three! And Hand/Mitten is out of the top five for the first time in months!)

To encourage everyone to up thier fave pairing I've set all the booths so you can vote once every 10 minutes!

Happy Voting :)
12th-Aug-2007 11:43 am - More Fic- Lost and Found, Part 2
Owen Gwen Noir

Title:  Lost and Found, Part 2
Author: Mustang_bex1126
Characters:  Torchwood, originals.
Rating:  R, swearing, and the story overall is not good for the kiddies.
Summary:  Second half of the 4th part of the "To Err Is Human" Series.  Owen has returned, and the members of Torchwood find themselves deep inside a mysterious plot that runs throughout the entire organization.
Disclaimer:  Everyone and everything belongs to the BBC, hell, they own me too.

A/N:  You know who really owns me?  My fantastic beta,


, who banged this out for me so I could update and post again!  Also- thanks to anyone who reads this, I know it's been a rather long time.

Previous Bits:  To Err is Human: Takeaway Girl, To Err is Human: Dire Consequences, To Err is Human: A Very Bad Idea, To Err is Human: Confrontation, To Err is Human: Death by TorchwoodBoxed LivesA New Routine, and Lost and Found, Part 1


18th-Mar-2007 11:03 am - Board Restructure
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

What the fuck happened to the board? I was only gone five minutes!

(A lot can happen in five minutes!)

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