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Torchwood 4
went online ....
January 5th, 2008 
Here are a selection of plotlines I think Season 2 should explore! Post your own below.

1. The Absence. Jack will have to explain himself to his teammates, and I don't think they'll be gentle with him.

2. Ianto / Jack! Come on, boys. Get it on!

3. The other Glove. Ianto said quite casually in the last season that gloves come in pairs. Where the heck is the other one?

4. Billis Manger disappeared, but I'd really like him to cause trouble again. He reminds me of that willowy white-haired older guy in Buffy who cuts up Dawn in 'The Gift.'

5. Owen with weevil power. Let's see him communicating with them again, that was so much fun.

6. The Gwen-Rhys-Owen lurve triangle.

7. Jack getting shot in the head. It's becoming a mascot to the series.

8. Toshiko falling in love with something a little less alien. She deserves a break.
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