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Torchwood 4
went online ....
January 9th, 2008 
16th January 2008 - Torchwood, Series 2 (BBC2) at 9pm.
To see an excerpt of the new series, visit the following linkey, http://www.bbc.co.uk/torchwood/sites/episodes/series2/ep01.shtml
The first episode is called "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang". Jack is going to meet someone really hot from his past. Captain John (played by Buffy's James Marsters) creates havoc in Cardiff. Interesting first story promising a good series to come.

24th January 2008 - John Barrowman's book is due out on general release. You can pre-order the book from all major stockists. I've done mine through Play.com.
He is going to be in Birmingham City Centre at Waterstones, Signing books from 11am. I'll be there, folks! Check for other venues where John will be signing his books here, http://www.johnbarrowman.com/books/anythinggoessignings.html.

4th February 2008 - Audio book version of John Barrowman's book (Anything Goes) is released today. Also, two original stories about Torchwood are being released today! They are £8.99 each. One is called "Everyone Says Hello" and the other one is called "Hidden."

11th February 2008 - John Barrowman will be signing his new book at the National Theatre in London. If anyone wants to travel to this event, let me know. I'd be interested in meeting fellow fans again. Just like Glasgow and Telford ;)
John will be giving a "reflective talk of his career" - wahoo!

14th February 2008, 5.30pm - John Barrowman will be doing a booksigning at Waterstones, West Village, Bluewater, Greenhithe, Kent DA9 9SE (tel 01322 624 831) Be sure to pucker up and give John a big wet one today because *bless* its Valentines Day.

6th March 2008 - Three new Torchwood books are to be released on this date. Find synposis of all three books below, under the linkey. If your interested in what John generally get's up to, then follow the linkey to his online diary, http://www.johnbarrowman.com/calendar/dates.html.

8th April 2008 - John Barrowman is doing a tour around the UK. I'm booked in for this one - but have a nose around on his website for anything closer to home.

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